Sports Imports LLC False Advertisement

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I purchased 2 Tire & Wheel Outdoor Storage Cover Garage for my two Ford Explorers Sport and Sport Trac. When ordering I asked on the invoice if these covers would fit my trucks? I did not have excess to my trucks at the time so I could not measure them.

I have requested four times that I be given a refund with no answer. These people do not have a phone to call so all you can do is fax or email them?

I paid $113.53 for the tow sets and would like my money back.

I now believe this comapny run false advertising and a bad service becasue they have no phone number to call with a problem.

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Sports IMPORTS, LLC False Advertisement.

Newtown, Connecticut 0 comments
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I sent with order what my trucks were to ensure the items would fit.I ordered (2) tire and wheel outdoor storage cover garage.The items are from Tire -Gauge and say on the literature that they were for oversized tires.

I had my tires in a storage area and asked when I placed the order if these items would fit my Ford Truck explorer sport and sport trac it is on the invoice but they sent the items and they would not fit.

I find out later that they do not have a phone and do not reply to your request for a refund.This is ridiculous and say to people not to buy anything from this company due to the lack of any communication after the sale.

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